Aerospace Claims

Aerospace Claims SoftwareAerospace claims software helps aerospace, aviation, and insurance companies eliminate manual claim forms and reduce the time spent collecting claim details. Aerospace claims software can include public liability claims, ground risk hull claims, and in-flight claims. The aviation industry is surrounded by high-risk activities involving the general public, employees, and government bodies in both public, private, and military airport facilities. Aerospace mechanics work on heavy equipment in high-risk areas where they have exposure to toxic substances and constantly moving heavy machinery. Aviation claims software is designed to streamline how claims are handled in the aviation industry by addressing numerous claims processing needs such as flight path information, hangar information, runway conditions, traffic controller details, and passenger and employee details.

Real-Time Aerospace Claims Software Reporting

Even minor aerospace claims can cost into the millions of dollars when considering the people and equipment involved. Public liability, personal property, transportation assets, and maintenance are all cost factors for Aerospace claims management. Aerospace claims software automates claim cost reporting and expense approvals based on average estimates or information submitted from insurance companies. Aerospace loss processing overhead is significantly reduced when claims administration data collection and follow ups leverage highly accessible cloud software. With high uptime and world-wide availability, anyone working on an aviation claim may access key claim information to play their role in processing the claim to closure. Document retention in aerospace claims software can be extended for years to meet claim data retention policies required by government agencies and insurance companies, and easily retrieved by either your IT team or our technical support team if on a fully-hosted implementation.

Aerospace Claims Software & Compliance ReportingAerospace Claims Software

Compliance reporting can be a complex process with strict timing requirements and specific formatting design. With our flexible reporting system, much control is given over end users and system administrators for generating custom reports. With self-hosted implementations and dedicated fully-hosted implementations, customers get full access to their database with critical system documentation and can utilize their own internal reporting technologies to create custom report formats. With our user friendly technical documentation end users can learn how to extract data from the system and create charts, graphs, and more complex calculations. Additionally with our system report designer our technical team can take your sample reports provided and generate custom reports and save in other formats including PDF, Tiff, Excel, and PowerPoint.

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