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Written by: cday | Claims Software Blog | December 26th, 2012

A1 Enterprise has a distinguished reputation for providing claims management software since 2001. The latest 2012 deployment of software for shipping claims highlights secure web-based claims management for shipping and transportation companies. As new distribution channels are created and new carrier routes are defined, cargo & shipping claims software for processing transportation claims is in high demand throughout the shipping & cargo industry. Organizing claim parties, cargo damages, and claim costs is critical for optimizing claims management. A1 Tracker includes deployment support with resources that know how to successfully address special challenges of auto, aviation, railway, and marine transportation claims. For high-value marine transportation and aviation assets a highly effective claims management and accident prevention software can help tighten organizational control over claims prevention, saving potential costs in damaged assets and potentially injured workers. Near-miss hazard reporting software integrates seamlessly with cargo shipping claims software, giving shipping companies a means to have shipping staff report hazards to control terminals to relay to other vessels scheduled for the same or nearby shipping route. Patterns of near misses and hazards may also give claims managers strategic information on how to better avoid, reduce, or even eliminate operational near misses or hazardous threats. A1 Tracker shipping claims software tracks shipping hazards to help keep crew, passengers, and cargo safe.

Shipping Claims Software & Shipping Risk Factors

Cargo Claims Software

Shipping risk factors can be quite high with aviation claims and trans-oceanic transportation shipping claims while goods are exposed to theft and damages resulting from vessel, environmental, and handling variables. The cost of risk can be easily underestimated and the burden of losses may be on multiple parties depending on the severity of the loss, such as the shipping company, insurance company, buyer, or manufacturer. Such business risks can be factored into transportation costs and allocated based on the value of goods, weight, dimensions, or scarcity. A1 Tracker shipping claims software gives transportation companies options for tracking such risk factors by duration, cost, volume, or even frequency of shipment which can impact the availability of that good.

Cargo Claims & Cost of Risk

A1 Tracker cargo & shipping claims software provides online claim reporting tools for claim costs, shipping contract documents, shipping notifications, and cargo claims workflow. Cargo shipping risks include assessments of shipping premiums and shipping conditions with exemptions for certain situations not covered by shipping and cargo insurance. Cargo claim software can produce claim cost history then be further analyzed to obtain cargo claim statistics for certain types of losses and help predict certain loss patterns based on seasonal weather patterns, economic patterns, resource availability, or political circumstances including workforce labor strikes and temporary hires. Shipping claims software may be tailored to your risk management needs to include  risk factors such as miles and weight per load, payroll or work hours per load. Risk factors may be compared to the sum value of cargo assets being shipped to come up with a figure representing a cost of risk to the shipping company, insurance company, and buyer, which may then be allocated by percentage to each party based on a shipping premium and insurance premium.

With A1 Tracker your company will have an expedited deployment time with personalized training for your claims administrative staff, cargo shipping managers, and employees. Your shipping claims software can also facilitate workflow and electronic communication with insurance carriers, with claim payment notifications, claim approvals, and denial notices.