Custom Claims Reporting Software

Your business may require a custom claims reporting software solution, to most effectively capitalize on your claims management investment. Custom claims reporting software may require more up front capital expenditure however ultimately results in a more cost effective and ideal claims processing system built around your everyday claims management needs, which may entail too many various types of claims than a traditional off-the-shelf claims software can handle. From reporting a claim to submitting a claim to your insurance company, tracking claim billing and expenses, and claim litigation, A1 Tracker is well suited with critical claims management modules with customization options. If your company has various types of management processes depending on the type of claim submitted, we analyze your existing claims processing forms and process then create your same business management model in A1 Tracker. Claims Reporting Software

A1 Enterprise custom claims reporting software history dates back to 2001, when implementing a fully custom employee injury claim reporting software with a series of custom reports, custom claim reporting screens, and field management tools for claims and safety managers. Our custom claims reporting software integrates seamlessly with our additional software modules which track contact information and claim file attachments. Electronic signatures and mail merge documents may also be utilized to better handle custom claims management steps.

TPA Claims Reporting Software

Our implementations are affordable and designed to be easy for your staff to learn. We offer premium support and both life and self-service training to account for new users, adjusters, investigators, and adjudicators who are new to your industry or management practice. Claims reporting software is ideal for TPA claim administrators who mange claims on behalf of other organizations, giving the TPA more flexibility to service clients with unique reporting demands and who have a multitude of claim forms to process for various types of claims. Once implemented your organization will have a uniform management software designed under your claims processing and reporting requirements.

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