Claims Software

Claims software systems are not all created equal. There is a new generation of technology that is ever evolving and creating new value for businesses to help them save both time and money. Claims administration systems covers a vast array of business systems, including liability claims, insurance, employee injury and workplace injuries, asset and automobile claims, 3rd party, class action, and litigation to name a few. Most often a business will handle multiple types of claims within a single organization which will be tracked by more than one business unit for different reasons. Technology that is available without traditional installation and setup, configuration, or other integration requirements is most ideal because it has low maintenance costs. Claims software that has options to make confidential information available to specific parties that require it makes conducting investigative research more efficient and claims software administrators can get more done in less time.Claims Software

Cloud-Based Claims Software with Encryption

As the concept of cloud-based business systems continues to grow, our claims software follows suit by delivering claims software to those that need it around the world real time, using a secure data center with multiple redundant servers. Claims tracking systems may involve high-volume claim transactions, including claim updates, especially class action litigation claims. To ensure the highest integrity of claim data, our claims management system has options available for controlling the process of claim forms and investigation updates by end-users. If claims are submitted via a public web site, we provide when required secure claim forms where those submitting have assurance their data will be encrypted. More information is available on security.

Claims software deployments may require significant customizations, depending on the business and claims processing requirements. Typically, off-the-shelf software offers minimal customizations, and for those that do may be costly for a business. We stand out with our highly successful and customized deployments, as the platform we designed accommodates customizations well beyond what most claims systems can accommodate. Custom  deployments may be either fully-hosted by us or self-hosted or your IT data center. If involving your IT data center for a custom claims deployment, we provide the information required in a “package” which your IT data center administrator can run, which automates the setup process. Our time-saving deployment techniques are attractive to both large and small businesses. Claims software easily integrates into your company web site, with no additional work from your IT department or web designer, giving your electronic claim forms the look and feel of your organization, and offering an easy way for claimants, witnesses, adjusters, and administrators to upload claim documents and maintain historical and investigation data.

Evolve your business with a competitive edge by enhancing control over your claims management program. For more deployment information contact us for a free demo of our cutting-edge claims software or visit our news page for more information on our latest deployments.

Claims Software