Environmental Claims | Planet Earth Vs. Deadly Businesses

Written by: cday | Claims Software Blog | April 18th, 2012

The priorities of “modern” life often blur our perception of how our day-to-day business, both personal business and professional business, impact the world around us. Considering the countless celebrities, politicians, companies, and non profits that promote Green – ness and environmentalism, how is it that in 2012, the year of the Space Odyssey, we are unable as a species to contain our garbage?

The world is a very small place. At every moment, it speaks to each of us in a language felt, not spoken. For some people, a language felt is less familiar. Perhaps it’s less important than arriving on time, sending a text message, checking voicemail, getting that favorite sweater, or filling up with premium before hitting the road for a weekend get-away.

How easy it is to forget that all of those important things entirely depend on the world surrounding us. If a single drop of water could file an environmental claim, how many drops would report claims each year?

Commercial waste is no secret and has significant publicity. What of the waste from consumer behavior? It becomes everyone’s responsibility to remain the caretakers of our environment. If birds could file “Death by Pollution” environmental or personal injury claims, how many would be filed each year?

By taking responsibility for the simple bottle caps and plastic consumables we consume, we can slow the process from escalation. But by taking an extra step to pick up a piece of trash on the street, park, or on the beach, you could save numerous lives, and eventually your own, as the toxins produced long after these birds have died, still seep into our environment and the food chain. Forget the embarrassment of how you appear to those around you when picking up a plastic bag. Treat the products you use and the ensuing byproduct waste like it’s here to stay, because it is, and somewhere along the way, someone or something is going to eat it…could be you…could be your children.