Liability Claims Software

Liability claims software makes available necessary electronic claims forms to track internal general liability and 3rd party insurance claims. With timely claim filing and claim input accuracy, users outside an organization that may have limited knowledge on how to file a claim and limited computer skills have a simple online form to fill out and submit the required information to file a liability claim.

Liability claims software replaces claim spread sheets and claim documents stored on PCs and shared drives. Paper claim form and no longer a requirement to file claims, and the days of long-hand claim forms and faxing to a corporate office are over. Claims managers can receive real time liability claim email notifications as events are reported. Claims administrators can proactively handle high risk situations to make rapid management decisions to ensure claim sites have quick resolution. Liability insurance claims software has options for software integration with human resources and accounting software. Liability claims software supports OSHA accident prevention software when employees are involved. Liability claims software can leverage additional information from fixed asset software such as equipment details and replacement or repair costs.

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