Litigation claim software is made easy with with online file management, keyword searching, and the ability to send information to various parties electronically without the use of paper and transportation resources. Litigation software supports malpractice lawsuits, accidents, and financial losses. If managing multiple cases, or clients with multiple cases, vast options are available on how to group people with documents and cases as well as distribute information. If using office mail merge, there is additional time savings when using our built-in mail merge feature that generates documents with key points of information or emails.

During the litigation process, certain parties may be required to submit information or documents. Web-based litigation claim software is secure, and can allow those that need permission to login to obtain or update information when needed. Additionally, one-way forms can be used for people from any location to upload information or submit documents to a case without having to login first. There are options available for legal staff when it comes to how to give permission to the system or submit information.

Litigation Claim Software for Proceedings

Litigation Claim SoftwareThere may be steps involved throughout the legal proceedings that must take place in a certain sequence. Time is often spent explaining and possibly re-explaining to various parties which steps to follow and how. The time spend keeping litigation parties following a process can be, for some, overwhelming and time consuming. With our litigation software, litigation processes can be broken down into steps, where as each step is completed by a party, the next step is assigned for action to the appropriate subsequent parties. This may include completing forms and submitting documents, obtaining statements, hiring an attorney, getting damage estimates, identifying witnesses, or obtaining consent forms.

Litigation claim software in the end takes whatever litigation processes are in order and simplifies them to the point of allowing those involved to become self sufficient throughout the litigation process. For a free demo, contact us for more information or visit our news site for recent deployments.