Warranty Claim Software

Warranty claim software tracks customer, service, and product warranty information for products and services rendered. There are many variations of warranty software, depending on the type of business. Construction companies might have a project or work warranty claims software to track construction design issues throughout a project and for a period of time after project completion. With in-project warranty claims, or even after a project is completed, warranty claims may be required to process and assign to various project subcontractors who bid specific work such as concrete or electrical. In these cases software tracks project warranty claims and the contractor agreement responsible for that work. Warranty Claim Software

Service & Product Warranty Claim Software

Another iteration of warranty claim software, such as product claims, tracks customer and product information including specific inventory unit information, date the order was placed, troubleshooting steps taken, if any, and product shipping / return information. Product claim software is similar to work warranty claim software in the sense that they both handle faults, errors, and omissions in a work agreement or product. The key difference between the two is a product has key manufacturer information such as where the product was manufactured, by who, and when.

A good warranty management system allows certain limits to be imposed on how long after a project was completed or how long before the warranty claim the product was purchased. Additional limitations may be imposed on customers submitting a warranty claim such as how the product was used and what variable were involved justifying the claim. Example variables businesses typically use to restrict warranty reports include moisture, weather, and specifically how the product was used.

Warranty management software may also track warranty agreements, and distribute warranty agreement updates to end users on a regularly scheduled basis. Warranty agreement terms and conditions frequently change over time as warranty claim software helps identify patterns in warranty claims, a business becomes more selective in their criteria used for approving a warranty claim. Warranty claim software allows the tracking of historical warranty agreements for the same product and customer, as well as for new customers purchasing the product.

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